Hey Race Fans,

How are you? Not to bad here. Well as you probably know this summer as been all but dull. Things have been crazy and fun and I would have it no other way. With planning a wedding, getting married, starting a new teaching job as a Kindergarten teacher, and racing, things have been interesting and fun to say the least. Before the wedding the racing was going pretty well.
After Sacramento I had a few weekends off as I did not race the T.T's in Castle Rock and Peoria. The next race for me was the famous Indy Mile. In the first couple of practices I struggled. We finally found something that worked and I ended up qualifying sixth. In the heat race I was going back and forth between fourth and sixth place. When the checkered was thrown I ended up finishing sixth. This would put me in a semi. In my semi I did not get a great start. I worked my way up to third when there was a red flag. With only two laps to go on the red flag I knew a start was going to be important. Again I got a not so good hole shot and was sitting fifth. On the first lap I worked my way to fourth. On the last lap going into turn three I worked my way into third for the final transfer spot. In the main I started on the third row. I had a tough time seeing going into one which put me back quite a ways. I ended up passing a few people and working my way up to 14th.
At the Virginia Mega Mile I was feeling awesome. I qualified well, got second by only inches to at that time fiancé Jared Mees in my heat race, and got 5th in the dash. In the main event I got a terrible start, as my bike was not shifting right, worked my way up to 8th and then with 5 laps to my chain fell off. I was really bummed how the main event turned out because I felt really good on the track and felt that I could have a top 5 finish.
The next two races took place at the historic Springfield Mile. I couldn't wait. I was going to marry my best friend a race an awesome race track that we both typically do pretty well at. On Saturday I got off to a slow start. I tried the XR1200 and didn't seem to be able to get comfortable on it. The next time out I tried one of my XR 750's. I still didn't feel that good so I decided to try my other XR 750. The last time out I felt my best and ended up qualifying 12th. In the heat race I got a bad start and was sitting about 7th. The lead pack had gotten away from me by the time I worked my way to 5th. I caught up to 4th and on the last lap going into one I made a draft pass. Coming out of four I got drafted at the line and ended up 5th which put me in a semi. In my semi I got a good start and was running really well. I was going back and forth with a group of about 5 people the whole race. On the last lap I tried to set up a draft pass and came up short missing the main by one spot. I was very disappointed but sometimes that's how the draft plays out and I knew I had the next day to come back.
The next day was one of the biggest day's of my life. I was marrying my best friend and I got to race all in the same day. How cool is that? The next day I started out on the bike I rode the day before. I was feeling really good. I ended up qualifying 4th as the track was feeling much more tacky than the day before. After qualifying Jared and I got married. It was absolutely perfect with most of our close family, friends, sponsors, and racing community along our side. After the wedding it was time to suite up and do work. Then we would celebrate. In the heat race I went back and forth with 4th, 5th, and 6th. I ended up finishing 6th. This would put me in the semi. In the semi I got a great hole shot and led most of the race until the guys behind me that were drafting with each other to catch me caught me. I then moved back to third, up to second and back to third again finishing in the third spot for the final transfer spot. That day Jared and I made history being the first ever husband and wife to race on the AMA Grand National Circuit. It was one of the best things I have ever done and I cannot wait to finish out the rest of the season.
The next race is in Santa Rosa California. I did pretty well there last year and am looking forward to going back. Our final race will follow two weeks after at Pomona. I am excited to see how the year rounds up for us. It's already been a very fun and exciting one and I couldn't have done it without everyone's help. Thanks so much for all the love and support. I hope to see you all out west.