Hi Racefans,

Wow, it's hard to believe all the exciting things that have happened this far in the race season. First, I got the chance to work with Harley Davidson and I was apart of the X-games commercial. Flat track racing has potential to be apart of the Summer X-Games next year so if you haven't already please go to #xgameflattrack and help make it happen. 

This season I have decided to sit out the singles races as there are only four events and race all the twins events. I was really excited when I saw the schedule, because Knoxville one of my favorite tracks was back on the schedule. The twins schedule kicked off with the Springfield Mile being the first race. 

After teaching kindergarten all day Friday, it was time to load bikes up and head the legendary Springfield Mile. I was excited to finally get back on the Harley and have the nice weather as we had a pretty hard winter this year. We didn't end up leaving until Saturday and got in later that evening. I ended up going right to the hotel and getting a good night's sleep. 

The next morning when we arrived to the track I was feeling confident and ready to go. When I went out in the first practice I had some bad luck as one of my bikes broke. When I came in I was feeling pretty bummed, but knew I had to let it go and tell myself that my other bike was just as good. When I went out for the second practice my bike was working really good. We made a couple of minor changes and went back out. Again I was feeling pretty good. I ended up qualifying 14th overall, which would give me a front row start for the heat race. 

I was in heat race number two. Of course my starts were rusty since we haven't raced the twins since last October. I was sitting about 8th when we took off. I worked my way up to 6th missing the main by two. This put me in a semi. I knew my start was going to be critical to make the main. Before the semi I had the opportunity to do an exhibition race for the new "On Any Sunday" Movie. Unfortunately, after the first lap my bike started cutting out and I had to pull it in. Luckily we had just enough time to fix the issue.

I was in semi two. I got a great hole shot and led about half the race when John Lewis drafted by me. I was unable to draft back by him and ended up finishing second which put me in the main event. I knew I was going to have my work cut out for me as I would be starting on the third row. 

In the main event I ended up getting a really good start. I was up to about ninth coming out of corner two. I then made another pass and worked my way to eighth. I was feeling good and was right with the lead back. All of sudden my bike started slowing down. I was fearing the worst. I kept looking down because I could feel something dangling. It was the oil cooler. I knew this was not good, but proceeded cautiously and fell back to nearly last. All of a sudden the red flag came out. I was so excited because this meant I would have time to fix the problem. When I pulled in my dad and uncle Mike got the oil cooler fixed and sent me back on my way. Again I got a pretty good start and was about tenth. within a couple of laps the red flag came out again. Again I got another descent start.  I was sitting ninth coming off of two. On the last lap Willie McCoy went down in front of me and I ended up finishing 8th. 

Over all it was a great race and my best ever finish at the Springfield Mile. I can't thank all my sponsors, family, and friends who have worked countless hours on motorcycles, help with expenses, and supported me along the way. It would not be possible without you. After coming off a good weekend of racing I knew it was time to stay focused and get things ready for Knoxville Iowa.

Two week later we headed to Knoxville Iowa where the world of outlaw sprint cars are famous. We left Friday evening and got in early Saturday morning. We got to watch the spring cars and do an exhibition race that night. 

The next morning when we got to the track I was feeling ready to go. I tried my first bike and was feeling confident, although the track was a bit slippery. I decided to try the other bike to see if it handled any differently. This time when I went out the track was much different. There was a ton more rubber laid down and it was getting faster. Although, I felt good on this bike I decided to try my other bike one more time since the track had changed so much. Again I was feeling really good and ended up qualifying 7th overall. This was good news because the track was hard to pass on and the start was going to be critical. 

I was in heat race number one. I just spun off the line and knew it was going to be hard to catch up. I was sitting sixth. I was having a hard time with the bike jumping around and on the third lap I caught my foot in a hole twisted it backwards and I am pretty sure my back wheel ran over it. Needless to say I was in a lot of pain and managed to hang on to my sixth place right on fourth and fifth place. When I came in from the track I was pretty sure I had a broken ankle. I took my boot off and it swelled up. I iced it for a bit wrapped it up and got ready for the semi.

I was in semi number two. I knew the start again was going to be important. Again I spun off the line as we were starting on a banked track. I was sitting in fifth for about half the race. All of a sudden Doug Lawrence made a mistake in front of me and I capitalized on it and made the pass. I caught right up to first and second with two laps to go. On the last lap I went into one where you had to watch hitting a groove in the track and my front end hit it and washed out quicker than I could blink my eyes. I was so bummed as I felt good all day, but could not figure my starts out. Unfortunately, since we crashed out on the last lap there was no red flag and I did not make the main event. 

I want to thank everyone for the hard work and support this far in the season. Next up is Lima Ohio, which will take place this Saturday June 28, 2014. I hope to see you all there.